December 2011

Do not despair

No one ever sees the pain I have held inside of me, I have wished often times even I could not see.  I get so down and out nothing seems to go my way, I wish many times in my rooms warmth I could stay.

Just  when all seems to gloom and nothing is going right, darkness closing in around me, no hope near my sight.


The warmth of your love reminds me,

your love for me is my light.

Ryans Candle

The world as I knew it has been diminished by the loss of your unlived life, one so young extinguished by others hurt and strife, the many you left behind, struggling, questions, answers yet to find,  wanting, wishing to trade places with you,,,,,,   wondering without you now what to do?

Who are we?

Let us be honest with ourselves and face that from the very beginning of our creation, we have always shown a lack of appreciation for any type of human equalization, we have always been greedy for modernization, say to hell with doing anything in moderation, we have been and still are a spoiled, high tech, fast food, wanna be nation with little to no respect for social integration, we continue to tolerate segregation, ignore human degradation, proudly celebrate masturbation, forgive fornication, deny our humiliation, hide our self mutilation, condone a youth that lack motivation, take for

John Wheatcroft's The Portrait of a Lover has been published

We are happy to announce that John Wheatcroft's novel, The Portrait of a Lover, has been published. It is now available on Amazon.


If you would like to learn more about the novel, consider this book trailer, featuring the music of  Jackson Hill.